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When does Christian nationalism promote anti-democratic attitudes? | The Immanent Frame

Maria Thalassinou via Unsplash

“The insurrection on January 6, 2021, ignited widespread concern about the health of democracy in the United States. Alongside this concern, discussions arose about whether Christian nationalism was weakening American democracy. As we enter the start of the 2024 presidential race, it is critical to consider how Christian nationalism plays out in the political sphere and when and how it may trigger anti-democratic attitudes and behaviors. Doing so may help us better understand (and challenge) growing anti-democratic sentiment. For example, Donald Trump, who is running for president in 2024, was recently associated with the ReAwaken America Tour, a far-right Christian nationalist movement that promotes conspiracies ranging from election fraud to QAnon. Other presidential candidates have also used threat-laced Christian nationalist rhetoric while appealing to their bases. Ron DeSantis recently drew upon Christian nationalist iconography in his political speech, using phrases such as “put on the full armor of God.” Similarly, DeSantis’s campaign ad for reelection featured direct references to the Christian nationalist theme of spiritual warfare.”

Source: When does Christian nationalism promote anti-democratic attitudes? – The Immanent Frame