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Digital Religion: The Basics

Campbell, Heidi; Bellar, Wendi

Digital Religion: The Basics explores how digital media and internet platforms are transforming religious practice in a digital age and the impact this has had on religious culture in contemporary society.

Through exploring six defining characteristics of how religion is acted out online, including multisite reality, convergence practice, networked community, storied identity, shifting authority, and experiential authenticity, the book considers how digital religion both shapes, and is influenced by, religion offline. Questions asked include:

How is religion being performed and reimagined through digital media and cultures?

In what ways do the practices of religion online merge or correspond with shifts in perspective taking place in offline religious practice?

How do the key findings of religion online reflect broader social, cultural, and structural practices observed within mobile, networked society?

With case studies and further readings, Digital Religion: The Basics is a must-read for students wanting to come to grips with how religion is changing and experienced through digital media.