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Exploring the Role of Religion in International Affairs

Intersections is a vibrant digital platform that curates scholarly research at the convergence of religion and international affairs. Its mission is to act as a resource for researchers, policymakers, media professionals, and the wider public, by highlighting scholarship on the changing role of religion in the world.

Religion and the Future of Democracy: The Inaugural Discussion

Intersections officially launched with a discussion between Pratap Bhanu Mehta (Princeton University), David T. Buckley (University of Louisville), and Melissa Deckman (PRRI) on the global impacts of religion and democratic practice.

Watch the webinar→

Podcast: On Being

Krista Tippett’s award-winning radio show and podcast On Being explores the religious, spiritual, and moral dimensions of life. The podcast includes over 500 conversations with guests from around the globe.

US Government Response to Global Religious Trends

The Task Force on Religion and US Foreign Policy assembles experts in the fields of religion and international affairs to generate new and more effective ways of thinking about US foreign policy engagement with religious actors and communities worldwide.

Documentary: Nationalism 2.0

Nationalism 2.0 dives into the worlds of social media users in India and the diaspora in the UK, and how they post, repost, joke, troll and abuse, for the sake of the “nation”. The documentary raises troubling questions about the role that nationalist ideologies and digital media might play in the 21st century and beyond.

Research TOPICS

  • Religion & Democracy

    How far should religious freedom extend in democratic societies? This research topic examines how religion aids, complicates, and restricts democratic engagement in the world.
  • Climate Futures

    This topic focuses on two key questions: what is the relationship between religion and climate change? And what kinds of alternative climate futures can we imagine through the lens of religion?
  • Religion in the Digital Age

    We live in an undeniably digital age. But what does this mean for our sense of community and of self? This research topic encompasses studies of how practice and belief are changing in unexpected ways.

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