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Religion in the Digital Age

We live in an undeniably digital age. But what does this mean for our sense of community and of self? Of God, god(s) and consciousness? This research topic encompasses journalism and scholarship on the place of religion in a digital age, examining how doctrine, ritual, practice and belief are changing in unexpected and impactful ways. It also includes investigations of extreme and dangerous forms of online speech, political communication, and the diffusion of conspiracy theories across diverse conservative as well as ‘alt-spiritual’ communities.

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  • Professor of Religion and Director of Sacred Writes, Northeastern University
    HRLI Grantee
  • Distinguished University Professor of Christian Ethics, Mercer University
    Affiliated Expert
  • Professor, Northeastern University School of Journalism
    HRLI Grantee
  • Distinguished Research Professor, University of California, Davis
    HRLI Grantee


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