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Global Challenges of Secularism and Religious Freedom

Orrego Torres, Ely; Shakman Hurd, Elizabeth

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit globally, Otros Cruces began a virtual training program studying two books on secularism and religious freedom written by the outstanding scholar Elizabeth Shakman Hurd, a Professor at Northwestern University. We interviewed her, and she shared with us her main contributions in the disciplines of political science, religious studies, and the social sciences based on her research on global religion and politics. This booklet consists of the transcription and translation into Spanish of the interview conducted in English. It is a valuable work because, on the one hand, it is a pioneering unpublished work of Elizabeth Shakman Hurd in Spanish. In addition, we expect that this book will be the first of a series of writings delving into her contributions. On the other hand, this book represents the beginning of a dialogue about the problematics of religion and politics in the context and history of Latin America, because Hurd’s work has focused mostly on other continents and regions of the globe. Therefore, we also decided to publish this book in English to broaden the audience into the English-speaking world with the added contributions of Latin American perspectives.