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Religious Responses to Pandemics and Crises: Isolation, Survival, and #Covidchaos

Borkataky-Varma, Sravana; Eberhart, Christian A.; Kartzow, Marianne Bjelland

Religious Responses to Pandemics and Crises explores various dimensions of the interrelations between the individual, community, and religion. With their global scope, the contributions to this volume represent reflections on the rich and multifaceted spectrum of human responses in a variety of different religions and cultures to the current SARS-2-COVID-19 pandemic and similar crises in the past.

The contributions are organized in three thematic parts focusing on strategies, rituals, and past and present responses to pandemics and crises. They reflect on the intersection of personal or communal responses and state-mandated policies relative to SARS-2-COVID-19 while outlining different strategies to cope with the pandemic crisis. Timely questions explored include:

How do individuals connect with or disconnect from religious and spiritual communities during times of personal and collective crises, including pandemics?
How do religious practices such as rituals bridge individuals and communities?
How do religious texts from past and present highlight and represent crises and pandemics?
Dynamic and multidisciplinary in its inquiry, this volume is an outstanding resource for scholars of religion, theology, anthropology, social sciences, ritual theory, sex and gender studies, and contemporary medical science.