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Jacob Saliba

PhD Candidate, Department of History, Boston College
RSDR Fellow

Jacob Saliba is a doctoral candidate in the Department of History at Boston College and the primary editor of the Journal of the History of Ideas Blog. His dissertation, “The Discovery of the Sacred in Interwar France: From Contestation to Cooperation, 1919–1941,” is an interdisciplinary project that examines the mutual intellectual projects and hybrid community bonds forged within a network of Catholic, Jewish, Marxist, and feminist thinkers. Major themes include phenomenology, Left Hegelianism, Jesuit theology, and feminism. His research has been supported by a Religion, Spirituality, and Democratic Renewal (RSDR) fellowship from the Social Science Research Council and other grants from the American Catholic Historical Association, Loyola University Chicago, the University of Notre Dame, and Boston College. His writings on history, religion, and philosophy have been published in the Journal of French and Francophone Philosophy, Marcel Studies, European History Quarterly, and Phenomenological Reviews.