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An episode of America Abroad documents the challenges Muslims, Jews, and Christians face when their social and spiritual worlds unexpectedly collide

What does a mosque converted to a cathedral in the Middle Ages tell us about the complexity of religious life today? What are Muslim and Jewish leaders in the Netherlands doing to combat the anti-semitism rising throughout Europe? These are some of the questions answered in “Searching for Religious Common Ground,” an episode of the award winning podcast series, America Abroad

What is interreligious dialogue? It’s people of different religions or worldviews talking to each other, and globalization means everyone talks to everyone else.

—Sociologist Peter Berger, “Searching for Religious Common Ground.

Searching for Religious Common Ground” looks at interreligious conflict and understanding in two contexts. The first half of the episode focuses on the relationship between Jewish and Muslim communities in Amsterdam. The second half centers on the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba and the question of whether Catholicism and Islam can coexist in the same house of worship.

America Abroad is an hour long podcast that highlights the efforts of people from different faiths to reach a common sense of respect, humanity, and understanding. Each episode focuses on a different conflict or issue throughout the world. This documentary radio series is produced by America Abroad Media, distributed by Public Radio International, and broadcast on NPR stations throughout the United States. 

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