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A planning retreat organized by the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding

In light of the tenth anniversary of 9/11, the upcoming 2012 elections, and changes across the Middle East, important ideas on research priorities, current
strengths, and potential growth were discussed to ensure ISPU’s research remains relevant to the policy conversation.

—From the ISPU Summary Report

The Institute for Social Policy and Understanding (ISPU) was founded in 2002 to advance research for the benefit of American Muslim communities. In 2012, the organization hosted a strategic planning retreat in Washington, DC attended by key scholars and policymakers with a common interest in the well-being of Muslim communities. The retreat was scheduled to fall between the tenth anniversary of 9/11 and the tenth anniversary of the ISPU. Its general aim was to renew relationships, networks, opportunities, shared policy goals, and analysis.

Several tangible outcomes were achieved. These included mapping existing areas of opportunity in detail, gathering valuable feedback from policy participants, establishing a strategic vision for the next few years, and building a strong sense of community among the scholars.

From the ISPU Summary Report

Participants formulated the following goals during the strategic planning retreat:

  1. Increase awareness of policymakers about the benefits of integrating context-specific research and empirical data into the policy-making/evaluation process.
  2. Improve ISPU responsiveness to key policy and research needs.
  3. Increase media presence and visibility of ISPU scholars.
  4. Increase engagement and opportunities for collaboration among the ISPU.
  5. Create a strong network of scholars.
Source: ISPU

The participants included scholars, media professionals, and policy scholars.

Read the full report on the 2012 planning retreat below