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Evan Stewart

Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts Boston
RSDR Fellow

Evan Stewart is an assistant professor of sociology at the University of Massachusetts Boston, where he researches the social forces that bring diverse groups of people together and break them apart. His work focuses on religious change, belonging in public life, and public opinion in the climate crisis. His research has been published in leading social science journals, and his public commentary has been featured in outlets including The ConversationFiveThirtyEight, and WBUR, Boston’s NPR station.

Dr. Stewart earned a PhD in sociology from the University of Minnesota and a BA in political theory and social policy from Michigan State University’s James Madison College.

Featured Work: Rethinking Religion and Political Participation: The Case of Voting among Religiously Unaffiliated Americans”; “Shifting or Settled? Tracking Racial Animus during COVID-19“; “Selfish or Substituting Spirituality? Clarifying the Relationship between Spiritual Practice and Political Engagement”; “The New Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere”; “The Politics of Religious Prejudice and Tolerance for Cultural Others.”

Upcoming Projects: The Political Potential of Religious Pluralism is a new book project funded by the Social Science Research Council’s Religion, Spirituality, and Democratic Renewal (RSDR) fellowship, examining how changes in nonreligion and spirituality are part of a unique rise in religious pluralism in the United States. This trend could potentially renew our engagement with democracy and community life in an era of political polarization.