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Marida Augusto

Freelance Photographer
HRLI Grantee

After graduating in architecture from the Polytechnic University of Turin in 1998, Marida Augusto specialized in landscape architecture as a freelancer. Some parallel experiences in editorial, photographic and social domains led her to change her profession and become a freelance photographer in 2010. As a photojournalist, she specializes in editing, exhibition setting and postproduction. Augusto’s areas of interest are immigration, disability, and social distress in general.

Since June 2023 Augusto has been a facilitator of the SPEX (self-portrait experience) method, an artistic device that uses autobiographical art for individual and social transformation through the practice of therapeutic photography.

Featured Work: Human Lines

Upcoming Projects: Application of therapeutic photography in socially useful areas such as immigration, disability, and adolescence.