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Neilesh Bose

Associate Professor, University of Victoria

Neilesh Bose is an associate professor of history at the University of Victoria, where he holds the Canada Research Chair in Global and Comparative History. He is a scholar of modern South Asian history as well as global history, whose research examines the history of decolonization, religion, secularism, and migration in South Asia and South Asian diasporas across the globe.

Dr. Bose has also served as a visiting professor at Ashoka University and Queens College, City University of New York. His book Recasting the Region: Language, Culture, and Islam in Colonial Bengal (Oxford University Press, 2014) examines late colonial and early postcolonial histories of Bengali Muslim literary culture as a window into changes in religion and nationalism in South Asia. Other publications include journal articles in Modern Asian Studies, the Journal of World History, and the Journal of the American Academy of Religion. His edited volumes include India after World History: Literature, Comparison, and Approaches to Globalization (Leiden University Press, 2022) and South Asian Migrations in Global History: Labour, Law, and Wayward Lives (Bloomsbury, 2020).

Funding for Dr. Bose’s work has been provided by the Fulbright program, the American Philosophical Society, the American Institute of Bangladesh Studies, the Council of American Overseas Research Centers, the New York University Asian/Pacific/American Institute, the Library of Congress, the Penn State Humanities Institute, and the Bogliasco Foundation. He received his PhD from Tufts University in 2009.

Upcoming Projects: Book provisionally titled Revisiting Comparative Religion: The Brahmo Samaj, Reform, and Meanings of Indian Religion