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Ruth Tsuria

Associate Professor, Seton Hall University

Ruth Tsuria is an associate professor at Seton Hall University’s Department of Communication, Media, and the Arts. Her research, which investigates the intersection of digital media, culture, and feminism, has been published in various prestigious academic outlets, such as the International Journal of Communication and Social Media + Society. She is the recipient of the inaugural Digital Religion Research Award for her contributions to the field of digital religion and the 2023 Researcher of the Year Award for her impressive publication record, which includes twenty-three articles and book chapters and two edited books. Her book Keeping Women in Their Digital Place: Exploring Jewish Online Discourse on Gender and Sexuality (Penn State University Press) will be published in the summer of 2024. In addition, Tsuria is the editor-in-chief of the Journal for Religion, Media and Digital Culture.

Featured Work: Digital Religion: Understanding Religious Practice in Digital Media (Routledge); “Hidden Religious Identities Online: Digital Religion and LGBTQIA+ Individuals,” in The Oxford Handbook of Digital Religion; “Digital Religion and Global Media: Flows, Communities, and Radicalizations,” in Handbook of Global Media Ethics; “Digital Media: When God Becomes Everybody—The Blurring of Sacred and Profane”; “Discourse of Practice: The Negation of Sexual Norms via Online Religious Discourse”; “Get Out of Church! The Case of #EmptyThePews: Twitter Hashtag between Resistance and Community”; “Digital Divide in Light of Religion, Gender, and Women’s Digital Participation”; “The Space Between Us: Considering Online Media for Interreligious Dialogue”; “Artificial Intelligence’s Understanding of Religion: Investigating the Moralistic Approaches Presented by Generative Artificial Intelligence Tools.”

Upcoming Projects: Keeping Women in Their Digital Place: The Maintenance of Jewish Gender Norms Online  (Penn State University Press, forthcoming); Religion and AI: Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives on a New Frontier (edited book with A. Vitullo and N. Mansour)