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Emily K. Frazier

Assistant Professor of Human Geography, Missouri State University
RSDR Fellow

Emily Frazier is an assistant professor of human geography in the School of Earth, Environment, and Sustainability at Missouri State University. She received her BA in international studies and cultural affairs from Arkansas Tech University, and her PhD in geography from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Her research currently focuses on US refugee resettlement, the work of resettlement organizations, and the experiences of newcomers in nontraditional destinations in the US Midwest and South. Her work also addresses the intersections of immigration and American religion by focusing on faith-based humanitarianism and resettlement. Her research has been published in edited volumes and academic journals such as the Journal of Refugee Studies, the Geographical Review, Social and Cultural Geography, and the Journal of Immigrant & Refugee Studies, and her writing has appeared in various public-facing national and regional outlets such as the Washington Post, The Conversation, and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Dr. Frazier’s work has been externally supported by the Russell Sage Foundation in partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, as well as the Social Science Research Council. She is a past fellow of the SSRC Religion, Spirituality and Democratic Renewal Program, and a current Public Fellow of the Public Religion Research Institute.

Featured Work: Unsettling Resettlement: Examining Local Dynamics of Refugee Integration in the United States amid National Policy Change“; “No, Refugee Resettlement Isn’t a Threat to Missourians“; “Welcoming the Stranger at home“; “The Federal Government Turns to Local Communities to Help Refugees Settle into the US, but Community-Based Programs Bring Both Possibilities and Challenges“; “Welcome Corps, the Newest Idea in Refugee Resettlement, Has Deep Roots”