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Erin K. Wilson

Professor of Politics and Religion, University of Groningen

Erin Wilson is an award-winning teacher and scholar. Her work aims to uncover the hidden assumptions we have about what “religion” is and does and how that impacts (often detrimentally) policy and decision-making across diverse institutions in the public sphere, at national and global levels. She is passionate about social justice, human rights, and building inclusive sustainable societies.  Her work is intended to be practical for politicians and policymakers. She studied Political Sciences and was awarded a PhD by the University of Queensland in 2008. She has worked in universities in Australia and the Netherlands most of her career, collaborating with government and civil society stakeholders to develop bottom-up research projects and training programs. She is a regular guest lecturer for NATO Defense College, and an advisor for the Transatlantic Policy Network.

Featured Work: Religion and World Politics: Connecting Theory with Practice