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Franzisca Beeken

PhD Student, University of Groningen

Franzisca Beeken is a scholar working at the intersection of international relations and religion. Her research is driven by a commitment to advancing the scholarly understanding of policy and practice in sustainable development and citizenship. Originally from Germany, she earned a BA in international relations and an MA in religion, conflict, and globalization from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. She then worked in the public sector as part of the European Affairs and Energy Department of the Municipality of Groningen. Beeken subsequently embarked on an interdisciplinary PhD trajectory at the University of Groningen in April 2023. Her project explores the impact of secularism on notions of active citizenship and its consequences for climate adaptation, specifically the transition to carbon dioxide neutrality in Groningen. Blending Beeken’s professional background with international relations, law, and religious studies, the project contributes to the broader discourse on the complex relationships between religion, secularism, and environmental citizenship.